November 17, 2023

RostoVIT bio-stimulant shows much higher efficacy than chemical stimulants


If ancient  Romans knew about RostoVIT, Emperor Diocletian would be much happier.

Scientists of the Agricultural Academy named after K.A. Timiryazev, with the support of the Moscow Innovation Cluster, conducted large-scale studies of RostoVIT  (approved for use in organic crop production). Studies have shown that the biological stimulant RostoVIT is several times more effective than the reference chemical stimulants.


Experiments on vegetables showed an increase in yield due to the RostoVIT use  - white cabbage by 22%, and potatoes - by 36%.

The 36-page report presents many  interesting data, both on the comprehensive assessment of the effect of biologics on yields, and on the assessment of its stimulating properties for various plants and in various phenophases.