About us


Agro-recycling group (ARG), Ltd was established in 2009 at Saint Petersburg, Russia. From the beginning, our company set ambitious goals to solve global environmental tasks at the junction of different sciences.


Years of researches of the company staff have allowed to find the best, as we think, way to transform spent beer yeast for the following use in agriculture. Decisions, proposed by Agro-recycling group, became the base of several inventions and have received well-deserved recognition and patents of Russian Federation.


The pilot plant based on our technology was built in 2019 at the nice village not far from Saint Petersburg and the first industrial samples were obtained in early 2020. An experimental station where products of the plant are tested in difficult conditions of the risky agriculture zone of the North-West of Russian Federation is situated there too.

A project capacity of the plant is 40 ton of high-quality concentrated liquid organic fertilizer-stimulant per month. At Russian market products of the plant are known under trade mark RostoVIT.


For yeast extract production we use our own eco-friendly technology. It allows to use spent beer yeast – the richest source of useful substances and, at the same time, one of the most problem kind of organic waste.


An introduction of this technology will allow brewing companies to reduce significantly a cost of wastewater treatment, improve the environmental safety of their enterprises without enormous energy costs and generate additional profits. Therefore, Agro-recycling group, Ltd does not intend to be limited by the existing plant and assumes the possibility of developing production in other regions, both Russia and abroad, on the basis of license agreements. This, in turn, will make it possible to bring the product closer to consumers.