What is RostoVIT


RostoVIT is a unique assistant for organic farming - a 100% natural preparation of organic origin, which was created and now is produced in St. Petersburg using the technology protected by a number of patents.

RostoVIT is not just a fertilizer, it is much more!


  • First of all, RostoVIT is an adaptive mean, it helps plants adapt to adverse conditions the effects of drought or overwetting, cold or excessive heat, increases resistance to diseases;
  • RostoVIT contributes to the development of a strong root system, accelerates survival during transplants and rooting of cuttings;
  • Thanks to the yeast extract RostoVIT, plants absorb nutrients better, which means that the need for fertilizers is reduced;
  • RostoVIT enriches and enhances useful soil microflora;
  • And in addition, it accelerates seed germination, promotes early entry into fruiting, accelerates ripening and improves the taste of fruits, and simply allows you to grow beautiful plants!

Really, RostoVIT combines the merits of several popular preparations at once, while significantly winning at a price.

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