Test RostoVIT


If you are a professional user, representative of an agricultural enterprise, scientific organization, etc., you can get the preparation for testing free of charge.
To do it, you need to sign an areement for the granting of free samples and pay the cost of their delivery. 
Currently, the following types of delivery are possible:

  • Russian Post
  • EMS Express Package
  • СDEK

The shipping cost depends on the carrier selected and the shipping region. When receiving the samples request, we will calculate the shipping cost to the address you specify. If the stated cost suits you, you need to sign the Agreement and send us a scan copy.

The following payment methods are possible for Russian customers:
• bank transfer to the account of our company;
• Internet acquiring based on an individual payment reference (with the agreement number)
Customers from foreign countries can pay using the Internet acquiring on the basis of an individual reference to payment.

If there is no payment for the delivery of samples within 5 (five) working days from the moment when the individual reference to payment is sent to the Customer, the agreement is automatically terminated.

The Supplier has to send samples not later than 3 (three) working days following the day of payment receipt and to inform the Customer with the tracking  number.

The Customer, if necessary, shall be responsible for payment of all customs duties and fees for import of samples into the territory other than the territory of the Russian Federation.

In case of failure to send samples within the terms agreed by the Parties and absence of agreement of the Parties on postponement of the specified terms, the Supplier shall return the money transferred by the Customer within 5 (five) working days.